BOSS SE-70 SYSEX Commands


Code: SE-70 Sysex

BOSS SE-70 SYSEX Commands

BOSS SE-70 is a "state-of-art" effect processor, easy to operate, but have no documentation at all about its SYSEX commands.

If you look for SE-70 on BOSS or ROLAND web site it is like it has never existed !

But I did my research and I could find out some useful SYSEX commands to request SE-70 memory information to save it with your files and your sequencer, like CAKEWALK SONAR. Then you can send it back to SE-70 when you need it.

It has three commands to request memory information:

1. Request the current TEMP memory:

F0 41 00 61 11 64 00 00 00 01 00 F7

2. Request one or more specific memory:

F0 41 00 61 11 xx 00 00 yy 00 00 F7

where: xx is the memory number or offset you want to request. yy will be one for one slot, or the number of slots you want to read.

3. Request all memory information, it is the same of dumping all memory from SE-70 to your computer:

F0 41 00 61 11 00 00 00 67 00 00 F7

Take care, when you send back all your memory because you will overwrite all your memory.

The TEMP memory is very useful and you probably will use it with your mixes.

To use it with CAKEWALK SONAR just insert these lines in CAKEWALK.INI file under the [Dump Request Macros] section:

SE-70 Temp=F0 41 00 61 11 64 00 00 00 01 00 F7

SE-70 ALL=F0 41 00 61 11 00 00 00 67 00 00 F7

SE-70 Read One=F0 41 00 61 11 FE 00 F7

This last one will ask for the memory number you want to read.

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