All my life I heard music in my mind and I always wanted to try to register to listen as a real thing. I consider myself as a composer not a musician and I worked as software engineer at computer manufactures and used my skills to build my studios that I call then ASPEHDERA Studios, a strong meaningless word that stands for my weird work.

My first attempt was by 1989-1991 with a little 4 tracks cassette Foxtex, a cheap Casio keyboard, mixer and mike, and a really electric cheap guitar. I was so hungry to play and it was the most creative era when I compose more than 30 songs, recorded mostly on the first take. Really bad quality of recording but more than 30 ideas to start.

Then on 1993 I started a new studio that last until 2000 just before I moved to USA. This time with better equipment's, computer, I could make my first home CD with a selection of my best recordings at the time.

Here in USA I could build a completely digital studio with a amazing sound quality. As my budget was always short to my expensive hobby, I decide to invest on the most practical equipment's, some considered today as vintage but together they work just the way I need, everything Midi interconnected and all audio digital.

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