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It is a sophisticated project studio designed to compose and arrange music as well to research and study sound engineering. It is a low budget studio.

Carefully analyzing all equipment available which matches my budget, new and vintage equipment, I choose the ones with best sound, a lot of resources and flexible about connectivity. I never bought something that just do this and connect to that, exception to interfaces and switches.

It was possible to design a full digital studio. MIDI automated (except mixers controls), everything can be routed to any patch and any equipment can work as digital or analog. And I just need to turn call a preset for a specific job or when I just want to play around. This studio is not computer dependent. All recording are made on a Tascam 2488 Neo 24 tracks recorder. Some sequences and the final touch of mastering are made on computer.

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Some pieces are, what they call, "Swiss knives" of musical and studio equipment: TC- Helicon VoiceworksPlus vocal processor, the classic ALESIS QSR Synth, the magical Behringer DEQ-2496, Event EZBus digital mixer and digital patchbay,Roland M-1000 digital mixer and audio computer interface, TASCAM 2488 Neo 24 tracks digital recorder , BOSS SE-70 multi-effects. All described below.

The sound is monitored by a pair of Alesis Monitor One MKII speakers powered by a CROWN D-75 amplifier.

Also important are the classic Roland SC-50 GS/GM synth and a SIMMONS SDMP-1 drum pad.

The accessories and interfaces are: Alesis AI-1, Motu Timepiece AV, Behringer MON800 mixer/switch.

I use a M-AUDIO Axiom 61 as main Midi Controller, Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar, Fender Squire Strat Guitar, Ibanez Nylon Guitar and MXL V63M and AKG D5 mics.

Alesis QSR
A 64 voyce 16 parts synth, fully programable, has a build in Alesis Quadraverb 4 channel multi-effect. Has 4 channel 48 kHz/16 bits ADAT and 4 channel analog outputs.

Behringer DEQ2496
It is a mastering machine with a 61 Band RTA, 31 band GEQ, 10 band PEQ, 3 DEQ, WIDTH (stereo image processor), DYN, Compressor/Expander and Limiter with 96kHz and 24 bits processing. It is also a A/D D/A converter and is also full digital with S/PDIF (optical or coaxial) and AES/EBU I/O and has a Optical/Coaxial/Analog input switch. With the DEQ-2496 the dream came true !

Roland M-1000 digital Mixer
It has 4 digital and 1 analog inputs, and 3 analog and 3 digital outputs. It is a mixer with 96kHz/24Bits processing, A/D D/C converter, sample rate converter, and with USB I/O it is high definition computer Audio Interface. One of its input can be selected between Optical/Coaxial.

TASCAM 2488 Neo
24 Tracks 24 Bits digital recorder, 32 Tracks Mixdown, 8 inputs, digital I/O, 160 Gbytes Hard Disk, CD Burner, USB connection. 24 EQs, 250 Virtual tracks, on board effects,, mastering tools, and so.

Boss SE-70 Pro
The best ALL-in-one effect processor. I mean ALL. Roland sell it for just few months (after SE-50) and stopped, they might had discovered that it does to much for a single product (I mean, like a mistake). It process with 48/32 kHz 16 Bits, but only analog I/O. It is automated with SYS-EX .Click here to read more about using SYSX or SYSEX with SE70.

Roland SC-50
The classic Sound Canvas. Careful tuned up with SYSEX messages, it generates personals and specials timbres. It has a extra MIDI input.

Alesis AI-1
It is a digital format and/or sample rate converter and switcher. Converts 48 to 41 or 41 to 48 kHz and convert ADAT to S/PDIF or AES/EBU or vice versa. I use it to split the ADAT from QSR to S/PDIF and as a switcher. It works with and convert any input to 16 bits.

This touch sensitive 61 keys keyboard has a lot of controls including 8 drums/sampler pads.

Fender Squire Strat 20th Anniversary
Completely calibrated with Fender Noiseless Stratocaster Pick ups and pots, shine on the studio.

YRG Guitar Midi controller
The best guitar midi controller. As it is possible to send each string to a different midi channel, I use it mainly to control the voices on the TC-Helicon Voiceworks Plus.

Simmons SDMP1 Drums A compact drum pad with drum machine, drum module and it is also a controller. Upgraded it has 14 pads and HH and Kick pedals.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Ibanez Nylon Guitar

Computer: AMD X2 Dual Core, 2 GB memory, HD 160+500+320 GBytes

Software: Sonar 8
, Sound Forge, Vegas, DVD Architect,  and others tools

Roland M-1000 as audio interface.



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