DSP-8024 StudioWare panel for Cakewalk and Sonar - Exclusive


Code: DSP-8024 Studioware
DSP-8024 Studioware

A ULTRA CURVE PRO DSP 8024 remote controller StudioWare panel
for Cakewalk and SONAR

by Adriano Ficarelli, jr

I started to develop this StudioWare panel for ULTRA CURVE PRO DSP-8024 just to be familiar with all its functions, limitations and SYSEX commands. Then I started to figured out that I could do things I cannot do just with its switches and menus, or the Behringer remote control software neither. Also, I could put in only one screen all settings, not rolling or switching pages as Behringer remote control software does. And most important: it runs on Windows XP !!!

Extra features you can't do with the panel of the equipment or with Behringer software and this panel permits:

  • to make changes to the Graphic Equalizer or the Parametric Equalizer while you are at RTA screen (although you can't see or hear the changes because of DSP8024 architecture). You can switch between the EQ and RTA screens to compare it.
  • you can link/unlink and zero all Graphic Equalizer or Parametric Equalizer channels parameters.
  • you can switch each of the parametric channels ON/OFF to check your changes while you are tunning it up with a confort of a single click.
  • control the RTA gain, RTA resolutions, PEAK/RMS at any time, specially while you observing and analyzing your curve.
  • jump from one decay time for another, or jump from one input to another, no rotations.
  • configure Limiter Threshold and Release, Noise Threshold, and Crossfade at any time, it not necessary to go to setup screen.

Here we have a screen shot of the StudioWare panel for Ultra Curve Pro DSP-8024 controlling the Graphic Equalizer

Now we have a screen shot of the StudioWare for Ultra Curve Pro DSP-8024 controlling the Parametric Equalizer


1. You must have one TRACK created just to control DSP-8024. Configure OUT port for the same MIDI port which DSP-8024 is connected into our computer. Configure the same channel number as you have on DSP8024 MIDI SETUP screen.

2. Load the ULTRA CURVE PRO StudioWare panel and click on CONFIG and choose the same TRACK number you created to control DSP 8024. Clicking on CONFIG again will close the pop up CONFIG Window. (obs: If all panel becomes dark gray while you are selecting the TRACK, it is because you are referring to a TRACK not created)


1. The option EXCL SND and RCV on DSP8024 MIDI SETUP screen must be turned ON, once this panel works only with SYSEX, no controllers.

2. I recommend to turn off the CNTL SND and RCV on DSP8024 MIDI SETUP screen. Thus, there will be no risk to put everything to "ZERO" or -16 on the graphic EQ, case Cakewalk or Sonar put all controllers to ZERO when it stops, or start playing (it depends on how you have it configured).

3. It was designed to work with at least 1024x768 screen.

4. Bugs report and opinions are welcome !

The use of this StudioWare panel for ULTRA CURVE PRO DSP 8024 is YOUR total exclusive responsibility.

There is no warranty of any kind, no warranty if it works or how it will work with you system.

Use it for the first time with a empty or new project to see how it works. Before include this panel in your project, SAVE YOUR PROJECT AS A BUNDLE FILE AND MAKE ONE OR MORE COPIES. Saving as a bundle ALL setting and audio files are saved. Work with a copy of your project until you are VERY familiar on how it works and you are sure that nothing will mess up your project.

We are not responsible for how you will use it or for any damage or changes on your projects.


  • 04/07/2003 - Release 2.3 - Fix problem selecting the TRACK number and some minors fixes.

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